simon monroe + amy dyer = more than friends, less than a relationship.

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Dean’s smile appreciation

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Khal Drogo: “I nominate Viserys for the GOLDbucket challenge!!”


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So In the Flesh is amazing. Go watch it. Right now.

But now to the point.

Emmett Scanlan. You know-

this one. He was in Guardians of the Galaxy, too.

I got curious and looked him up. Watched everything with him in it. (If you haven’t seen Hollyoaks, you should.) And I don’t know what…

At the end of time, a moment will come when just one man remains. Then the moment will pass. Man will be gone. There will be nothing to show that we were ever here… but stardust.

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I don’t want to go to sleep I just want to draw

When i draw at night no one bothers me and I’m not nervous

I don’t feel guilty that all I seem capable of is making art

There’s no judging side glances and my anxieties aren’t  as loud

simon monroe and his infamous jumper collection part 1.

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Simon Monroe

Simon Monroe